Episode 11: The US Supreme Court: The Earl Warren Years & Jurassic Park

15 July 2024 / length: 34:00

Learn about one of the most influential Supreme Courts, led by the effective Chief Justice Earl Warren. Then, we talk about why Jurassic Park is such a groundbreaking film, why you should read books, and spill some secrets from behind-the-scenes at Industrial Light and Magic!

Episode 10: The Harry S. Truman Presidency & Goldfinger

22 April 2024 / length: 49:00

Learn about Truman's Presidency and no we didn't pick Oppenheimer as our movie, but instead we delve into the rich history of James Bond and details of Goldfinger that make this the best Bond film in our view!

Episode 09: The 2008 Banking Crisis & It's a Wonderful Life

18 March 2024 / length: 39:45

Discover that bankers are not always your friend, and learn why ARM is bad and PAAM is good! Then vote on who does the best Jimmy Stewart impression as we uncover hidden gems in a christmas classic.

Episode 08: Presidential Primaries & Legally Blonde

26 February 2024 / length: 32:50

Join us as we learn the difference between a primary and a caucus! And then discover some tips as to how to get into Harvard!

Episode 07: The 1968 Presidential Election & The Blues Brothers

29 January 2024 / length: 34:00

Learn details on the turmoil surrounding the 1968 US election, and revel in our reminiscence of the Chicago musical that isn't the musical Chicago.

Episode 06: No-Smoking Laws & Aliens

22 January 2024 / length: 31:21

We discuss when the country figured out smoking wasn't as healthy as previously advertised, and commend the heroine badass known as Ripley.

Episode 05: The Electoral College & Good Will Hunting

01 January 2024 / length: 32:00

Let's delve into the confusing electoral college system, and then bask in an award winning film set in the classic college town of Boston.

Episode 04: The 1992 Presidential Election & Mission Impossible III

11 December 2023 / length: 30:00

We give you insight into the Clinton presidential election, remind you who Ross Perot was, and focus on the film that really set the Impossible Mission Force on the right path.

Episode 03: Term Limits & The Matrix

4 December 2023 / length: 27:48

How would you like to learn more about how political term limits came about? And if THAT doesn't sell you on listening, then what if we told you fun facts about the classic cyberpunk sci-fi film that will have you doubting your own reality? We thought so!

Episode 02: The 1980 Presidential Election & A Fish Called Wanda

20 November 2023 / length: 26:51

We discuss the political powerhouse that was Reagan and Bush, and follow up with the classic comedy about a fish, ugly americans, and stolen diamonds.

Episode 01: Watergate & Back to The Future II

13 November 2023 / length: 23:37

Did you know WHY people add "gate" to a word to show it is a scandal? Do you know exactly WHAT Watergate is? Learn these facts and more. Oh, and stuff about Marty McFly.